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01 Apr Jimmy Fallon Inspired Our Blog

I’ve given some thought to this consistent approach and have decided it will be fun to translate what Jimmy does to our blog! By pursuing this, our hope is that our blog will be a fun and informational spot for everyone who visits. It’s with great excitement we announce our weekly blog posts (drum roll please!)…

The first week of the month is all about EDUCATION- These posts will answer frequent questions we are asked, giving advice and tips to brides, clients and other vendors. It’ll be all about openly sharing our knowledge and expertise. If you have a topic you would like us to cover, please email us at

The second week of the month is all about DESIGNS- If you’ve seen the hashtags online for #WeddingWednesday, these posts will be just that with a little spinoff. We will be posting images of wedding invitations and stationery we’ve designed, along with designs for businesses or other clients we’ve created. These posts will be heavily image based, and may include inspirational photos we swoon over from other vendors, with prior approval and credit to them of course.

The third week of the month is all PERSONAL- It’s important to us to share a personal, meaningful relationship with our brides, clients and other vendors. With this, we want each interaction we have to be fun and enjoyable. Our thoughts for these posts are to be lighthearted and entertaining in some aspect. We may write a post about a new food or cocktail recipe we tried, a vacation we went on or how I beat Renick in a recent golf outing (ha-ha). The possibilities for these posts are endless and are meant to share a little more about our lives with you.

There will be opportunities for guest blogging on the first and second weeks of the month, so if you’re a creative, feel free to email us at to inquire!

Cheers to Jimmy Fallon for leading us to this exciting blog schedule. Stay tuned for May- yay!

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