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03 Dec The Blu3print

Blu3 Designs BlueprintBlue: most commonly associated with faithfulness, harmony, confidence, communication, the imagination and the ocean.

You’re not alone. We are asked on a daily basis if our company’s name is annunciated “blue” or “ blue three.” Drum roll please… it’s “BLUE!”

I feel as though it should have taken us a lot more effort to come up with the name, but in all actuality it just fell onto our scratch brainstorming paper, similar to how our love story fell out of God’s hands.

We wanted to do something in relation to the beach/ocean with it being such a strong mutual love of ours. I was blessed growing up with my parents having the ability to take my sister and I to Florida at least twice a year and every time we were there we saw several sunset ceremonies being set up. We would hurry to our room to freshen up so we could make it out to the beach to catch some glimpses of the wedding before we headed to dinner. Standing there watching the bride make her way down the sandy aisle, I told my parents I would have a beach wedding when I grew up.

There were numerous things that made me want to marry Renick, but when he told my mom that he, also, had always wanted a beach wedding, I knew he was the one.  We didn’t want to do a cheesy ocean theme company, so decided to use “blue” as our company name with one of the descriptors in it’s definition being “the ocean.”

The other relevant and meaningful adjectives of “blue” fit to perfectly to illustrate our marriage and hopes for our relationships with clients. We pride ourselves on our strong relationship and morals that evidently encompass harmony, faithfulness, dependability, and communication. Ignore the cliché-ness, but honesty is absolutely key in a relationship.

The descriptor “imagination” in the definition couldn’t have been more perfect, beautifully illustrating our company in general and the creative beings we are. We strive and blossom in a creative lifestyle, always pushing our creativity to newfound levels. Our goal is to share our creativity with everyone we can so we welcome you to let us be creative for and with you.

The icing on the cake to our name is the “B” in Blu3 and why we chose “3” instead of an “e”. We were the silly couple who actually thought of our signatures, particularly me with my name changing to Bowman. The “B” is a combination of how we actually sign our last name. We are also the silly couple who has a favorite number, 3. We actually chose our wedding date- January 3rd- due to that and made the choice to change the “E” to a cursive “E” backwards, or a 3. It was all about the personal touches for us!

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