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Venue illustrations are personally one of my favorite details to add to a wedding invitation suite. It's the perfect illustrated detail that provides your guests a peek into your special day, and makes for the perfect keepsake to hang in your house.

Above you'll find all illustrations of Indiana venues that are available for purchase to add to your DIY wedding stationery. 


- Look through the images to see if your particular venue is a part of my venue illustration shop. 

- If it is, choose your venue from the drop down, and purchase. You will receive the high resolution digital file from me within 48 business hours. 

- If it is not, purchase a custom venue illustration from my shop, or email me at to let me know what venue you'd love to see added to my shop!


- This is for a digital file only, no physical product. If you'd like a physical product to be included with your purchase, email me at 

- My usage fee includes use on a single project for the purchaser.

- By purchasing a digital file from me, you're confirming you are the purchaser and you solely will be using the artwork. 


Indiana Venue Illustrations